Two students choose to submit to Jesus rather than fear during InterVarsity training camp.

InterVarsity students visit nearby campuses in the Kansas City area during spring break.

Today's college students are exposed to a marketplace of ideological perspectives, social issues, and alternative lifestyles—all without reference to God's character or his principles for morality revealed in Scripture. InterVarsity's campus witnessing communities invite all students and faculty to experience a relationship with God, a caring community, and biblical truth.

UCLA's Can This Wait conference encourages students to answer Jesus' call to faith.

The InterVarsity chapter at New Mexico Tech has made evangelism an increasing priority

University of Houston students returned to school after Hurricane Ike ready to help the community

Bryton grew up in a family devoted to the Mormon faith. But as she got older, she began to question the beliefs she had grown up with.

Jason Ray brought a high level of energy to every aspect of his life, including his faith in God and his passion for UNC athletics. He was also an organ donor. His story is part of the debut of a new ESPN news magazine called E:60. It will be featured tonight (Tuesday Oct. 16) at 7pm Eastern time, on the main ESPN channel.


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