We believe the college campus, as it shapes the leaders of tomorrow, is the most strategic mission field in the world. We have been proclaiming Christ on campus for 75 years! Thanks to prayers of partners like you, God is enabling us to reach a record number of students and faculty today.

Please join the InterVarsity community in prayer for the following:

Week of February 12

Pray for students who have realized, after some disappointments in the fall semester, that there must be more to campus life—that they are missing something. Ask the Lord to meet them and lead them to InterVarsity Fellowships and to other Christians on campus.

Within the last two years, students from the Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUC) have helped plant new chapters at Savannah State University, and at Alabama State University in Montgomery. Campus Staff Minister Tamice Spencer believes all 21 historically black colleges and universities in Georgia and Alabama need a Christian presence like InterVarsity. Pray that God will guide Tamice and InterVarsity students as they reach for that goal.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for InterVarsity students to share with others on campus a different, sacrificial style of love. Pray that the Spirit would use Valentine’s Day outreach activities on campuses across the country for a higher purpose—to bring more students into relationships with Jesus Christ.