Help your community process the grief from the past season and long for God's hope and renewal with these two Bible studies (Psalm 42, Isaiah 55), complete with leaders guide and printable manuscript.

By Christy Gates, Dave Paladino and Anna Lee-Winans

A three-week series about mental health and God. Let's seek God in Scripture and depend on God for strength to carry on.

By Kathy Shiau and Ashley Byrd

Our hope is that each of our InterVarsity chapters will have an advisor they are partnering with on campus. We’ve curated a few resources to help you, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to improve an existing partnership!

By Jamie Ladipo and Doug Schaupp

Whether in person or online, whether in small groups or large groups, find all you need to give effective calls to faith. Help create a culture of invitation and response within your chapter and learn how you can join the Luke 10 Revolution!  

This 7-week series features 15min large group talks that explore values and practices in the Bible that are necessary for a community to truly flourish: embodied faith, selfless love, radical inclusion, mutuality, reconciliation, costly compassion, and justice.

By Christy Gates, Dave Paladino and Anna Lee-Winans

This bible study helps groups engage in Micah’s prophetic message that whatever we love shapes us. The study builds on our Online NSO themes, helping participants to see where God is calling them to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

By Christy Gates, Dave Paladino and Anna Lee-Winans

Three Bible studies in Luke that explore the theme of “here for you” designed to help your group build deeper community through setting a table of hospitality, learning to worship together, and responding with acts of justice. 

By Dave Paladino

A new year and a new semester means new opportunities for your ministry to engage your campus! This one-page guide gives you the basics of how to approach January New Student Outreach (J-NSO) and some ways to make your plan. 

By Jonathan Walton, Kyle Lee, Kristal Calkins, Emily Craig and Stephen Rowe

In the midst of COVID19, racial reckoning, and economic and political turmoil, The Daily Arrow is a daily podcast focused on centering followers of Jesus on God and His word so that our pursuit of justice flows from a heart and soul rooted and rested in Christ and not the dominant culture of comfort, anxiety, fear, hurry and rage. 

By Dave Paladino

New to leading a small group? Led before but wanting to brush up your skills? Leading a small group is an amazing experience, but it can be hard to engage with participants online well during the pandemic. Learn some insights, tips and get familiar with some online resources that can help you lead a better small group in this short, 15-minute video!


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