By Anna Lee-Winans

Following Jesus is not passive but an intentional, step-after-step process. Use this resource to help you and your ministry go deeper on the discipleship journey.

By Caroline Lancaster

Flourishing Communities is a a seven week bible study series unpacking what it means to be a flourishing community. Jesus is all about creating the kind of community that goes beyond just being known - how we live and love each other will change the world around us.

During this tumultuous election season, we want to be prepared to care for students, anticipating the potential increase of racial incidents and violence on campus. In addition to a just few resources below, we highly encourage you to receive the gift of the local church and the pastors, elders, aunties and uncles, and community leaders that are available and ready to pour into students.

By Eric Rafferty

The five week Encounters with Jesus Bible study series include illustrations and guided discussion and application questions. They’re formatted as Google Docs to be used for Zoom Bible studies. Each study also has an accompanying leaders guide with community building suggestions, questions for going deeper, and other leadership insights.

By Steve Tamayo

Three different sets of discipleship cycles you can use for your first meetings with Latino students on your campus.

How do you make online social gatherings fun? While it's not the same as being in-person, we hope you'll laugh just as hard with these variety of virtual meeting ideas, online games, and quick ice-breakers that we've gathered.

By Eric Rafferty

As you look at your networks, you’ll discover a list of contacts who might want to be part of the community you’re starting with your partners. Your first gathering is a kickoff event that will welcome your networks into community, facilitate encounter with God, and cast vision for their networks too.

By Eric Rafferty

Gather your community of partners to cast vision for starting something new and to explore your combined networks to see who you're connected with. Whether you’re starting something new on your own campus or at another campus, gathering a community of partners is your starting point!


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