By Christy Gates, Dave Paladino and Anna Lee-Winans

This bible study helps groups engage in Micah’s prophetic message that whatever we love shapes us. The study builds on our Online NSO themes, helping participants to see where God is calling them to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

By Christy Gates, Dave Paladino and Anna Lee-Winans

Three Bible studies in Luke that explore the theme of “here for you” designed to help your group build deeper community through setting a table of hospitality, learning to worship together, and responding with acts of justice. 

We want you and your friends to thrive in college. Your life with God connects intimately with your pursuit of a healthy college experience. We’ve asked pastors, campus ministers, and wise friends of InterVarsity to contribute talks to a series to help you develop the spiritual practices you need right now.

The #ActLoveWalkChallenge is a team-based online scavenger hunt to play with your friends against hundreds of other teams of college students across the country.

For United States Americans who follow Jesus, the intersection of faith and politics can be a confusing one. What does it mean to be a faithful follower of Jesus and a citizen of the United States? This summit on faith and politics is designed to equip students, staff, and friends of InterVarsity to navigate this divisive season as faithful followers of the Jesus of the Bible.

Beginning with Jesus is a four-study guide for international students and scholars. This guide includes Bible text, discussion questions, vocabulary helps, background information, a map, and leader’s notes.

By Steve Tamayo

Three different sets of discipleship cycles you can use for your first meetings with Latino students on your campus.


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