Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice

Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice

This 7-week series features 15min large group talks that explore values and practices in the Bible that are necessary for a community to truly flourish: embodied faith, selfless love, radical inclusion, mutuality, reconciliation, costly compassion, and justice.

By Caroline Lancaster

Flourishing Communities is a a seven week bible study series unpacking what it means to be a flourishing community. Jesus is all about creating the kind of community that goes beyond just being known - how we live and love each other will change the world around us.

The #ActLoveWalkChallenge is a team-based online scavenger hunt to play with your friends against hundreds of other teams of college students across the country.

For United States Americans who follow Jesus, the intersection of faith and politics can be a confusing one. What does it mean to be a faithful follower of Jesus and a citizen of the United States? This summit on faith and politics is designed to equip students, staff, and friends of InterVarsity to navigate this divisive season as faithful followers of the Jesus of the Bible.

By Christina Quintanilla

Through the example of a marginal Samaritan, Jesus displays a transformative love that sees and responds to the wounds of our neighbors with the covenantal love of God. The profound message is that Jesus urges his followers to extend sacrificial love to every neighbor, despite theological, political, or socio-ethnic differences. 

Find out how a weekend iteration of InterVarsity Study Abroad’s Digital Camino—a retreat on the move—can serve your chapter, area, or region in place of the typical four-talk fall-conference format.

Rewatch the recorded info session to get caught up!

By Jazzy Johnson

Black Campus Ministries Resource Specialist Jazzy Johnson preaches a powerful message out of Genesis 1-2 calling us deeper into “imaginative co-creating of community with God.” This is a wonderfully holistic message that has depth for Christians while also remaining very accessible for seekers. Be ready for great conversations afterwards.

By Caroline Lancaster

A package of social media graphics and Canva templates to use in conjunction with the Flourishing Communities Collection, a seven week series unpacking what it means to be a flourishing community.

God of Justice, Love, and Mercy | Written by Edwin M. Willmington
Worship Recording from InterVarsity Live! on June 12, 2020, featuring members of the Urbana Worship Team. 

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