Large Group

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Large Group

This 7-week series features 15min large group talks that explore values and practices in the Bible that are necessary for a community to truly flourish: embodied faith, selfless love, radical inclusion, mutuality, reconciliation, costly compassion, and justice.

By Doug Schaupp and Jamie Ladipo

“Faking It” is a three-part series of online large groups to help students start the year inspired by a vision for authentic Christian community, empowered to pray for their non-Christian friends, and an opportunity for all to respond to Jesus in new faith.

We want you and your friends to thrive in college. Your life with God connects intimately with your pursuit of a healthy college experience. We’ve asked pastors, campus ministers, and wise friends of InterVarsity to contribute talks to a series to help you develop the spiritual practices you need right now.

By Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Reverend Sandra Maria Van Opstal preaches a powerful message out of Luke 10:25-37, the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  She challenges us to not allow indecision to stop us from doing something great that the world is waiting for. She reminds us that indecision IS a decision. The invitation we have from Jesus is to "Go, and do likewise." 

We’ve established 5 rhythms of ministry and are providing training for how all can be done online.

This session of the ONSO Bootcamp provides tips on leveraging Zoom to create interactive transformative experiences. You'll also get overviews on two strategic pathways for “at large” online groups: the “Ignite” pathway with a focus on evangelism and the “Adopt a Campus” pathway with a focus on starting InterVarsity.

By Jazzy Johnson

Black Campus Ministries Resource Specialist Jazzy Johnson preaches a powerful message out of Genesis 1-2 calling us deeper into “imaginative co-creating of community with God.” This is a wonderfully holistic message that has depth for Christians while also remaining very accessible for seekers. Be ready for great conversations afterwards.


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