Jesus and the Falling Roof

“Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”

Investigative Bible Discussions by Mark Ashton


  • What is the most that you have ever done to get tickets to a concert, get into a play or go to see a famous person?
  • Read Mark 2:1-2:12

Discussion Questions

  • In Mark chapter 1 we learn that Jesus is getting a reputation as a great teacher and healer. How do the people of Capernaum respond to him when he arrives?
  • Imagine you are a person in the house where Jesus was teaching. Describe the sights, sounds, smells and emotion in the atmosphere.
  • What extreme lengths were the friends willing to go through in order to get the paralytic to Jesus? What does this tell you about their atttitude toward Jesus?
  • Judging by Jesus’ reaction to the paralytic being let down, what did he see as the paralytic’s greatest need? Does all of humankind have this same need?
  • Why were the teachers of the law irritated by what Jesus said?
  • In verse 9, Jesus asks a rhetorical question. “Which is easier to say…” Of the two options, which will be easier to see whether it came true or not?
  • Does the evidence of this passage lead you to believe that Jesus in fact does have the authority to forgive sins? (see verse 11-12)
    Note: If your group as provlems answering this question, help them to see that Jesus’authority over paralysis (Miracles which can be seen) lends credibility to his claim to forgive sins (a miracle which cannot be seen).


  • Many of think that we do not need forgiveness for sins because we have never murdered anyone or stolen much or slept with someone’s spouse. However, when we really take a close look at ourselves and God’s commands, we realize that we fall way short of God’s standard for our lives. Let’s take a look at a couple of those commands.
  • Read Mark 12:28-31
  • What are the 2 greatest commandments that Jesus gives here?
  • What would a person’s life look like if he followed these commands completely?


Reflection Questions

  • Can anyone here say that they have followed these for their whole lives? For the past year? for the past week?
  • Certainly all of us have sinned and Jesus saw the forgiving of people’s sin as his greatest misssion on earth. During the next week, try to keep in mind the two greatest commandments and keep track of how your life compares to them.