By Kadrian Hinton

4 Ways to Pray for InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries

For years, InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries (BCM) has been faithful in creating spaces for Black college students to engage the gospel and their blackness. No matter the type of university (community college, a Predominantly White Institution, or Historically Black College and University), campuses have served as a birthing ground for tomorrow’s leaders. Across the country, Black students are saying yes to Jesus, leading Christ-centered justice movements on campus, leading in their churches, and choosing purposeful living grounded in God’s Word and faith.

Each February during Black History Month, Black students gather for a time of refreshment, worship, fellowship, and sending at BCM student conferences all across the country. Would you pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare these spaces?

Like many others, BCM has felt the burdensome weight of COVID. Campus ministers, students, and faculty have all been affected. As we anticipate and long to be fully together again, we pray for wisdom.

Since the recent surge in COVID cases, BCM has decided to move our BCM Staff Conference online. This decision was a hard one, due to our strong desire to be together. Would you pray that even though this conference will be online again, it would be a gift to BCM campus ministers and staff? We long for the conference to be a space where staff can hear from the Lord and be sent. Where we can come together in fellowship and learn new strategies and tips for campus.

Although, as a ministry, we hold grief in one hand, we hold joy and celebration in the other. BCM is still creating spaces for students to encounter Jesus. Young campus ministers are leading with a deep passion. Our elders are continually guiding us with wisdom. We praise God!

Here are a few ways to pray for BCM:

  1. Pray for BCM student conferences across the country. Pray for students, who may be attending a conference alone, to feel connected to the ministry. Pray for students to start new things on campus and that the conferences are highly catalytic.
  2. Pray for the BCM Staff Conference and the health and safety of our campus ministers.
  3. Pray for BCM campus staff to rest well and be filled with joy and endurance.
  4. Pray for campus ministers to be fully funded, so they can focus on reaching more students with the good news of Jesus!

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