Spiritual Formation

By Jennifer Hagin

I remember lying on my bed, staring at my freshly painted green walls and talking to my aunt on the phone. 

By Neal Samudre

College has been seriously misrepresented.

With my conception of college horribly twisted by the media, I prepared my convictions like a soldier preparing for war. 

By Steve Tamayo

Do you know that it’s possible to keep doing work for God without ever noticing you’ve abandoned your relationship with him?

By Keith Sun

It happens to all of us, regardless of whether we’re in school or in the working world. I’m talking about sloth, one of the infamous “seven deadly sins” (and for good reason!).

By Jaryd Regner

As a rising senior at Rutgers University in New Jersey, I believe everything that’s happened during college, good and bad, has happened for a reason. God has never made a mistake. 

By Steven Grahmann

“Can my faith survive college?”

Whether or not you’ve said this out loud, it’s a question a lot of future college freshmen are asking this month as they think about leaving home for the first time and stepping onto campus in a few short weeks. 


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