Alec Hill: Orientation for New Staff

Last month, 110 new staff descended upon Madison for ten days of training. Orientation of New Staff (ONS) is, quite simply, one of my favorite times of the year. This year’s cohort seemed to be a tad older than previous years, some are bringing years of outside experience. As a group, they are deeply committed to evangelism, student leadership, chapter planting and chapter building.

In this first photo I’m shown with Laurie and Christopher Goree, chapter planters at the University of Oklahoma. We will be back in Norman after a 25 year absence.

Since photos express so much more than words, I am including as many shots from our “National Service Center Day” as possible. Hopefully, they capture the outright joy that each of us experienced. Enjoy!

Diane, Ashley and Shaylen
With Diane Kallie (Michigan State), Ashley June Smith (Washington University) and Shaylen Little Jackson (Western Michigan University).

Anthony Giron
Anthony Giron (University of Illinois), one of several new staff who want my job!

Samantha, Brandt, Melissa and Mark
Greek staff hamming it up – Samantha Spencer (DePauw University), Brandt Booram (University of Illinois), Melissa Johnson (University of Illinois) and Mark Abdon (Indiana University)

Adam Leong
With Adam Leong (University of Missouri-Columbia). Yes, I will wear a St. Louis Cardinal hat for a photo op. But, as a true Seattle Mariner fan, never one that says “Yankee!”

Alec and Mary
With the love of my life. Mary and I celebrated our 30th anniversary during ONS – yes, I’m a true romantic!