InterVarsity President Alec Hill suggests a phrase to improve dialogue about deep issues.

Ohio State University abounds in diversity. It's the largest university campus in the country. And figuring out how to engage diversity among 55,000 students has been a challenge for InterVarsity's team leader on campus, Ram Sridharan.

Walk across any college campus today and you're bound to travel around the world. College and university campuses have become ethnically and culturally diverse. InterVarsity's campus witnessing communities reach out to students and faculty through diverse ministries.

Students appreciate racial diversity, but addressing racial issues is still a challenge

"The good news brings us to God," writes Brenda Salter McNeil, in her new book, "and it also brings life and healing to a broken, dying and divided world. Anything less is not the gospel."

"Dr. Clarke has modeled leadership, faithfulness, courage, and compassion for many years in this chapter. As a volunteer she has done what full-time staff were not able to do."

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