InterVarsity alumni

A seven month around-the-world tour is not a bad start for a first job after graduation. The tour is a daily adventure, according to Doug Arms, who was an InterVarsity student leader at James Madison University (JMU).

Michael Oh faced two huge obstacles on his road to becoming a missionary and a seminary president in Nagoya, Japan.

Ife Ojetayo actively participated in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Binghamton University in New York from fall 2000 until spring 2004. While attending college, Ife was a small group leader and the InterVarsity chapter president for two years.

Because InterVarsity taught him how to study the Bible, pastors around the world have better Bible skills. His work with InterVarsity inspired a global life-long ministry of Bible teaching

Tim Keller believes that engaging our contemporary culture with the gospel is one of the most important lessons he learned from InterVarsity, as a student at Bucknell University, and later as a staff volunteer while attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Now he pastors one of the largest churches in New York City.

Frances Thompson-Gee likes to see God at work changing people's lives. She saw God at work on campus as an InterVarsity student at Drew University, and later as an InterVarsity staff worker in the New York area. And now she's seeing God at work through Mid-Hudson Love INC (Love In The Name of Christ), where she is the executive director.

T.R. Carr was planning a career in public service in state or local government, as he attended Minot State University. His major was Public Administration. But observing John Wilson, the faculty adviser of the Minot State InterVarsity chapter, T.R. saw a different perspective on service, the opportunity to influence the lives of young men and women by being a Christian faculty member at a public university.

Knowing they were facing a huge transition in life that would take them away from their college support network, these four guys were encouraged by their pastor to make a serious commitment to stick together-not just as friends, but as accountability brothers.


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