New from InterVarsity Press: Moving Beyond Conflict Resolution to Christian Reconciliation

Our world is broken and cries out for reconciliation. Mere secular conflict resolution and peacemaking have been proven lacking, and the church has not always fulfilled its call to be agents of reconciliation in the world. But Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice, codirectors of the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School, believe the reconciling work of Christ is ultimately the only hope for lasting shalom in the world.


In Reconciling All Things they cast a comprehensive vision for reconciliation that is biblical, transformative, holistic and global. They draw on the resources of the Christian story, including their own individual experiences in Uganda and Mississippi, to bring solid, theological reflection to bear on the work of reconciling individuals, groups and societies. They recover distinctively Christian practices that will help the church be both a sign and an agent of God’s reconciling love in the fragmented world of the twenty-first century.


This powerful, concise book lays the philosophical foundations for the Resources for Reconciliation, a new series from InterVarsity Press and the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School which explores what it means to pursue hope in areas of brokenness in theory and practice.


“Chris Rice and Emmanuel Katongole know how much genuine reconciliation costs; therefore, they are perfect leaders to teach us not to take the task too lightly or to try to bring it about too superficially. This is a critically important book and an incisive beginning to what promises to be a world-changing series.”
   -Marva J. Dawn, teaching fellow in spiritual theology, Regent College, and author of Truly the Community, Unfettered Hope and My Soul Waits


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