From the President

Each year, I recommend the best books that I've enjoyed over the past twelve months. This was a great year.

Pete Hammond was a unique human being. Friend. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Author. Rascal. Anyone who ever heard his laugh will never forget it. And Pete laughed a lot.

Two years ago, 523 of our campus staff participated in a survey conducted in conjunction with the Lilly Foundation. We recently received our report and I am pleased to share what we have learned.

Imitating Paul, we should stay in close touch with those who pray for and contribute financially to our ministry.

ONS is, quite simply, one of my favorite times of the year. This year's cohort seemed to be a tad older than previous years, some bringing years of outside experience.

Last month, as Mary and I sat teary-eyed watching our oldest daughter graduate from Georgetown University, I reflected back on a much different set of emotions just two years ago.

Every year, I list the books that have influenced me most over the past twelve months. I am always tickled when staff take my recommendations to heart, pick one of the books to read, and later share their insights with me.


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