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Less than a century ago, most American colleges and universities considered themselves to be at least nominally "Christian." Here's a quiz to show you just how much conditions have changed on campus.

At our National Staff Conference, I gave tribute to my new hero – Adoniram Judson. Since many of you have inquired to know more about him, I thought I would tell you what I think made him such a remarkable person.

To be honest, I was more nervous about singing a solo than about giving a talk. The last time I sang alone to a crowd was at my wedding, a long time ago.

Staff Conference 08 was truly a blessing. God?s presence was with us, focusing our mission for ministry on campus and unifying us in love for one another. My thanks to you for all your efforts and prayers.

Chris Lowney's book, Heroic Leadership, recounts the history of the Jesuits. Founded in 1540 by ten college students, the Society of Jesus grew to become the largest religious order in the world and the largest higher-education network as well.

The story of the Jesuits is a challenge to InterVarsity - some thoughts from president Alec Hill

InterVarsity president Alec Hill led a group of staff and friends of InterVarsity on a two week East Asia sojourn that connected with several global projects.


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