By Jason Gaboury, New York City Area Director

To Transform a City

Last week 500,000 students made their way back to campuses in New York City. Students like Alyssa. Alyssa met a group of InterVarsity students her first week of school. They welcomed her to campus and got to know her.

Alyssa didn’t understand why these students were so into what she called, “the God thing,” but it didn’t seem to matter. Alyssa found good friends and a stimulating and challenging environment.

A few weeks later Alyssa came to appreciate this “God thing,” and after joining her new friends for a weekend retreat, Alyssa decided to follow Jesus.

The staggering truth is that all 500,000 students in New York City are uniquely and specifically loved by God. Sadly, the vast majority of them do not have the opportunity Alyssa enjoyed.

New York City Ministry Growth
In the past five years, InterVarsity’s ministry in New York City has grown to historic heights in student participation and conversions. We’ve accomplished this largely through a clear evangelism and leadership development strategy. God is blessing our work. Last semester we were regularly engaged with 583 students. Four of our campuses have over 100 students regularly involved in InterVarsity’s ministry.

Still this is too few when compared to the 500,000 women and men who will walk on campus in the next weeks.

I believe that God’s desire is to transform the lives of all 500,000 students in New York City! I long for the day when it will be as normal to come to faith in college as it is to abandon faith in college. We’re not there yet, but I’m excited that we’re making progress. Let’s pray, connect, and get involved in hope and trust that God is doing something special here in New York City.

Ministry Based on Prayer
Please join with me in praying for God’s transforming presence and power to embolden and expand our witness. Last year we prayed for 40 days during new student outreach — and God in his mercy added new believers to our community every day of the month of September. (It was shockingly like Acts 2:47, “…the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” ). We are praying again for another 40 days. Wouldn’t it be great if this year was even more like Acts 2 than last year?

Please consider reserving a few moments every day to pray with us. Here are some prayer requests:

  • That our staff team would connect with missional students who follow Jesus and want to live for his purposes on campus.
  • That God would give us “divine appointments” with seeking students who are exploring what it means to follow Jesus and live a life of faith.


For a full list of additional opportunities to support student ministry on campuses in New York City, email me.