At Urbana 09 York Moore, InterVarsity's national evangelist, described God's cosmic plan of salvation in terms of a celestial light invasion: the first light from God came in the creation story in Genesis, the second light is the incarnation reported in the gospels.

More than 7500 participants committed themselves to long term or short-term missions involvement, by filling out commitment cards at InterVarsity's Urbana 09 Student Missions Conference.

College students want to change the world, today more than ever. The study-abroad statistics from the Institute of International Education indicate a growing desire for a global perspective.

College students from across the country and around the globe will be traveling to St. Louis in December for Urbana 09, InterVarsity's twenty-second Student Missions Conference. Many participants will be inspired to dedicate their lives to God's service. Some will answer the call to the mission field. And some will earn college credits.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's 22nd Student Missions Conference will address some of the most pressing global issues presently faced by missions practitioners around the world. The next registration price deadline is October 17, 2009.

Working from December 26th to January 1st, volunteers will help with registration, transportation, and other aspects of Urbana 09. Some who volunteer will have already experienced an Urbana conference for themselves and want to help others share the experience. Most of the volunteers will come from the St. Louis area, but a number of volunteers will travel to St. Louis for Urbana 09.

Despite the frequent enticements in our society to pursue personal comfort and pleasure, InterVarsity alumni are among the vanguard of young adults choosing to sacrificially serve people in need.

With less than six months before the beginning of Urbana 09, thousands of registrants have already committed to attend InterVarsity's 22nd triennial student missions conference in St. Louis, MO.


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