By Gordon Govier

What is the Price of Life?


In the midst of the 8.4 million people who live in the United States’ largest city, the question is being asked, “What is the price of a life?” The Price of Life Invitational is being held October 1-12, 2013, centered on more than 15 New York City college and university campuses, spearheaded by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship working with a coalition of more than 75 other organizations.

The Price of Life Invitational is promoting awareness and action on human trafficking. “By educating 150,000 of tomorrow’s leaders about the problem of human trafficking, we are creating the largest human trafficking awareness campaign in the history of New York City,” said Price of Life Director Dave Ruark. “We are making college students aware that modern day slavery is real, and it’s happening in New York City and around the world.”

In addition to awareness and action, Price of Life asks deeper spiritual questions about the purpose of life and personal freedom, and presents answers found in the life-changing ministry of Jesus Christ.  “Price of Life aims to develop students into lifelong world changers and justice-seekers,” said Jeannie Rose Field, the campaign’s assistant director. 

During the Price of Life Invitational:

  • Interactive displays called Proxe stations, designed to initiate conversations about human trafficking-related issues, are being set up along pedestrian routes of participating campuses.
  • Guest speakers from business, law, entertainment, social services, and other fields share their experiences and perspectives on human trafficking at 100 Price of Life events, including lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, etc.
  • Concerts are held featuring musicians against trafficking.
  • Price of Life will raise money to support organizations aligned against trafficking on three basic levels:
  • Even small steps will be encouraged to fight human trafficking:
    • Asking a coffee shop if their coffee is fair and slave free.
    • Asking about fair and slave free chocolate at the grocery store.
    • Putting the Human Trafficking Hotline number in your phone: 888-373-7888   

Since 2007, InterVarsity has coordinated The Price of Life at six colleges and universities in four states, including Michigan State University and Ohio State University.

Jonathan Walton is the spokesman for Price of Life New York City and is the director of InterVarsity's New York City Urban Project. Learn more about his ministry in New York City here.