Emerging Scholars Network Launches

After a careful planning process of nearly two years, on March 1, 2004, InterVarsity launched the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) — an endeavor of interest to all Christian scholars from undergraduates to senior faculty. Building upon the insight and guidance of a diverse advisory council of university and college faculty and InterVarsity staff, the ESN Director, and a work group of faculty and staff eagerly open the doors on this thirty-year vision. In the words of the ESN Mission Statement:

“The Emerging Scholars Network is called to identify, encourage, and support the next generation of Christian scholars, at all stages of their academic careers, who will be a redeeming influence within higher education.”

Included in the launch events are:

  • the opening of free, online registration for new members
  • an opening slate of online resources at EmergingScholars.org for members and non-members alike
  • brochures and brainstorming flyers that will be distributed to all InterVarsity staff, among others
  • presentations about ESN to ministry leaders inside and outside of InterVarsity
  • an upcoming panel presentation at the conference, “Christianity and the Soul of the University”

Stan Wallace, Director of InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry and of the Emerging Scholars Network, welcomes scholars at every career stage to join, and hopes that the Network will be a rich opportunity for collaboration among campus ministers as well, within all of InterVarsity and beyond.

For more information, please contact the Emerging Scholars Network.