By Jason Gaboury

For the last five years, I’ve been a part of a religious community that prays the Magnificat—Mary’s song of praise upon finding herself pregnant with Jesus—twice a day. 

There's more to being an artist than technical proficiency.

Join us at Urbana 18 to worship, lament, and respond to the challenging words of Revelation.

By Drew Larson

Among the recurring stress dreams commonly reported by people, perhaps this is the most familiar: you show up at school only to realize that you’ve forgotten about a quiz or final exam.

By Kelly Aalseth

Dating can be one of the scariest, most confusing, and most joyful times of life. 

By Drew Larson

The goal of disciplined piano practice is not to master the piano.

Gent Grush says InterVarsity "proved to be the perfect place to grow my faith."

By Andrew McCarty

In our roughly 12x12 family office (with about 6.5-foot ceilings, I might add), I embarrassingly have 39 items with a San Francisco 49ers logo on them. 

By Kelly Aalseth

There are so many things wrong with this. Not with the fact, but with the title. 

InterVarsity president Tom Lin likes to see students passionate for the gospel.