As fall semester starts on campus, everyone is finding new relationships.

October 30 - InterVarsity students and Arts Ministry staff at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, have a goal to reach 10 percent of the campus within the next five years. Pray that this year’s student leaders would be developed in prayer and engage their friends through discussions on art and faith.

October 16 - Praise God for the growth that occurred in the InterVarsity chapter at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, last year. Pray that students would grow in cross-cultural skills and multiethnicity as well as evangelism this year.

October 9 - Praise God for the work he is doing at community colleges in California’s Orange County. Pray that InterVarsity students and staff members would continue advancing the kingdom of God among students and faculty who need the Gospel.

Over the next several weekends, InterVarsity students and staff will gather with their regions to worship, study Scripture, and build relationships together. Ask God to strengthen and sustain staff as they plan to lead their students. Pray also that students would come to fall conferences ready to hear from God, and that they would commit to learning more and going deeper in response to Jesus as they return to campus.

September 25 - Adrian Lock, area director in California’s Silicon Coast area, is on sabbatical during the fall. Pray that God would refresh and direct Adrian during his time away and prepared him for ministry in the years to come.
September 26 - Jennifer Gambal, faculty advisor to a new Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) chapter at DeSales University in Pennsylvania, has recently become a regional InterVarsity volunteer. Pray for her as she helps to reach nursing students on more campuses.

September 18 - Pray for Barnabas Lin, on staff at the University of Chicago, as he continues his study sabbatical, that God would meet him intellectually, spiritually, and during times of rest.
September 19 - Praise God for his work in the lives of three student leaders at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington. Ask God for peace and boldness as they seek to make their vision for campus a reality.

September 11 - As we look back 15 years since the violent acts of 9/11, continue to pray for the families of victims and others affected. Ask God also to establish InterVarsity students as peacemakers on and off their campuses.
September 12 - For new students, college is often their first time living away from their families. Pray that these foundational relationships would grow and that during this time parents would entrust their children to the Lord.

By Hilary K. Davis

I wish someone had told me that church after college wouldn’t feel like InterVarsity. 

September 4 - Praise God for his powerful work through summer small group Bible studies at the University of Florida in Gainesville. As students return to campus, pray that they would continue to build a biblical and prayerful community.
September 5 - Pray that InterVarsity students at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and Chatham University and Carnegie Mellon University, both in Pittsburgh, would apply their summer leadership training as they receive significant opportunities to grow their ministries.