Answered Prayers & Chapter Replants: Emma’s & Torie’s Story


When she was a student at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, God used InterVarsity to give Emma a deep love for the Bible, build friendships, and spark her calling into ministry.

But after she graduated, Emma’s former InterVarsity chapter dwindled and eventually closed. She knew that the loss of InterVarsity on campus would mean that current students would miss the opportunity to discover the real hope of Jesus. InterVarsity changed her life, and she felt sad that current students couldn’t have the same transformative experience she did.

Then, one day, Emma got a phone call out of the blue. It was a new campus minister named Torie who had been called by God to replant Emma’s old chapter at UNC-Wilmington. And she invited Emma into a life-changing opportunity: partnership. Emma said yes to bringing real hope back to campus together with Torie.


When Torie came to UNC-Wilmington, she knew that planting a new chapter would be hard work. But she wasn’t intimidated. She had a passion for helping students hear the gospel and study God’s Word and felt God calling her to bring real hope to UNC-Wilmington.

There was just one problem: the chapter folded in 2018 and needed to be rebuilt from scratch. Torie knew that in order to give her full attention to building and sustaining the chapter, she would need to be fully funded.

I’m new in Wilmington and don’t know anybody, she prayed. I’m really backed into a corner. I don’t know how I’m going to do this.

But then, God answered Torie’s prayers — through Emma. 

When Torie called Emma and asked her to help fund the replanting of her old chapter, she knew God was answering her prayers. Emma immediately said yes to partnering with Torie.

Together with Emma, Torie made new ministry connections, be fully available on campus, and successfully replant the chapter.

Today — despite the pandemic — Torie has gathered a new group of InterVarsity students who are excited for Jesus to transform UNC-Wilmington this coming school year. And the Spirit is breaking through with new power on campus!

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