Community and Relationships

By Grete Bauder

There are only a few of us and if you're one of us you know who you are: 2nd generation InterVarsity staff. (And we prefer "legacy" to "nepotism," thanks.) As a designer with InterVarsity’s media team, twentyonehundred productions...

By Abi Christian
A couple years ago, David Hui and Matt Kirk, two of our videographers in 2100 Productions, completed a side project on fatherhood. Through it, David explores his relationship with his absent father, his role as a dad to two kids, and his knowledge of who God is. The result is a lovely reflection on what it means to call God "Father."
By Katelin Hansen

Too often, communities of color find it difficult to differentiate between white Christians and white non-Christians when it comes to issues of racial justice.

By Amy Hauptman

Last March, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid for one of my dear friends from work. The other bridesmaids and I decided to put together an amazing bridal shower a couple weeks before the wedding.


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