By Drew Larson

Looking at your bank statement from last month is like meeting a stranger.

Does anybody recognize the “Last Month’s Transactions” person? I don’t know anyone who looks at their debit card history and feels like they’re seeing reality. What are all these purchases? $71.42 at Arby’s? Another $14 at some kind of board-game store? $37 for individual piano keys? Who is this person?

By Jayme and Lucas Pulley

Word association is a fantastic tool. It informs what you really think about a certain topic or idea. So when someone says “give” or “giving,” what do you immediately think of?

By Helyn Luisi-Mills

While I was in college my InterVarsity staff worker led a small group through a six-week course about understanding money and its role in our life and faith.

By Christine Jeske

Poor is such a confusing word. We normally think of poverty as a bad thing, the kind of thing that shows up in shock-value statistics like 43 percent of people in the world live on less than $2 a day, or poverty causes the deaths of 22,000 children a day.

By Lisa Rieck

Would you stand in line (on Black Friday, maybe?) to give money away? Or would you get up at the crack of dawn on Cyber Monday not to check sales but simply because you’re so excited to give money to causes you care about that you can’t sleep any longer?

By Lisa Rieck

We think the limerick is a dying art form that needs to be revived. And what better time to do it than Black Friday, when you'll be standing in long lines with nothing to do? So we're inviting you to create your own limericks and post them as comments below.

By Autumn Rupkey

In America, it’s difficult to know who made our things. And aside from a hidden tagline somewhere, we generally aren’t aware of where our things are coming from either.

By Gordon Govier

As my high school senior son works on his college applications, we’re discovering that preparing for college takes about as much studying as a college class. And carefully evaluating the options is becoming even more important because the value of the educational product is under new scrutiny.


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