By Drew Larson

One Prayer Walk, Two Lives Transformed!

Dayonna, a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), prepared for the fall semester with a heavy heart. Nine people close to her had died in the past few years, including her boyfriend just two weeks earlier. As she left home to visit the campus bookstore, she had painful questions about the meaning and purpose of her life—but not many answers.

That same day, two InterVarsity campus ministers, Kelli and Joseph, began prayer walking UNLV’s campus. With the start of class a week away, campus was still mostly empty. Still, that morning they had asked God to put them in the path of people who needed to hear about Jesus. And that afternoon, they met Dayonna.

Standing outside the campus bookstore, Joseph handed Dayonna a flier about InterVarsity. As they talked, she burst into tears. She’d been struggling with grief, she told them. She knew she needed God in her life.

Dayonna agreed to meet with Joseph to study the Bible. And at just their second meeting, while sitting outside the student union, she told him, “I’m ready! I want to follow Jesus and commit my life to him!” That following Sunday, Dayonna was baptized.

At an InterVarsity large group later that semester, Dayonna shared her testimony. It deeply moved another student, Ashley. Days later, Ashley dedicated her life to Jesus, and only a few weeks after celebrating Dayonna’s baptism, the InterVarsity chapter gathered in the very same church to watch Ashley be baptized as well.

I’m hopeful that my story will save many other lives and bring them closer to Jesus,” Dayonna reflected. “Before I met Jesus, I used to feel alone and powerless, like nothing was ever going to get better for me. Now I know I have Jesus with me everywhere I go, and that I can overcome anything because he will help me through it.”

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