By Lisa Liou

Imagine a kindergartener looking solemnly at a plate of broccoli. Now imagine hearing a father’s instructing voice, “In our family, we do things we don’t like.”

By Robbie Castleman

Heart transplant patients understand the concept of losing life to find life. For eighteen years I was a critical-care nurse specialist.

By Jonathan Walton
Jefferson Bethke’s poem, “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus,” has gone “viral,” as they say, and with all youtube videos come comments, both positive and negative, hopeful and discouraging.
By Bob Grahmann

Perhaps you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start reading your Bible or to read it more often. Great!

By Steven Grahmann
First, I was just plain sad. Even though I’d never met Hitchens, I felt a connection with him. His books and lectures, though difficult, helped me think critically about my faith in a way I’d never done before. I hoped and prayed I’d be able to tell him that someday, as I hoped and prayed that a miracle would happen and he would embrace Jesus in all His beautiful irrationality. So when Hitchens died, I was sad.
By Kent Annan
It had been almost twenty years since I last attended Urbana, as a student. I returned as my first book, "Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle"was being published.
By Kent Annan

I’ve never donned a beard or red suit for Christmas. So far that’s my personal line.

By Abi Christian

Fact: Books are the best presents to give (barring, of course, all those other fabulous but intangible gifts of love, time, grace, and hugs). For one reason, books are easy to wrap – no more of those awkward corners and creative cover-ups. For another, they’re a gift you can borrow.

By Maghan Perez
Lately, it seems like each week brings more shocking news of scandals, abuse, or tragedies on college campuses around the country. Many center around college athletics, such as at Penn State.
By Ben Emerson

If you had told me, upon entering college, that studying the Bible by printing out a few verses on a blank sheet of paper and then writing all over it would change my life, I would have thought you were crazy.


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