By Steve Tamayo

Have you ever had God answer a prayer you prayed for a long time? Have you ever had God answer a prayer in a surprising way?

By Adam and Christine Jeske

First off, I’m a Christian. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was a kid. I’ve been trying to follow Jesus for almost 20 years. I think the Bible is the best explanation for my experience around the world, for how humans are and how to address that. We’ve recently written a book full of stories of how we’ve tried to follow Jesus overseas and now back in the U.S.

By Ryan Sutton

When you write a letter to someone, what is the last thing you say? Sometimes, we save the most important pieces of information for last: the best thing that has been going on lately, that ‘big news’, or the most critical thing that you want your reader to remember.

By Santine Hsueh

I remember when I accepted Jesus into my heart as Lord and Savior eight years ago. I was intentional about growing my faith and sharing it with others. But...

By Mollie Emerson

One of my favorite parts of Paul’s epistles is when Paul transparently shares what he prays for. Paul doesn’t just write to the churches in order to correct and instruct, but also to encourage and to remind them that he cares. 

By Jen Herrmann

I have received direct word from God about his will for your life. You can put away the college major guidebooks, career counseling sessions, and eharmony profiles. I know what he wants from you. Ready? Joy, prayer, and thankfulness. “Oh, come on! That’s not his will.

By Christian Holmes

I don’t think I’m the only young Christian who can get bummed out by the word “sanctification.” Once I get over how smart I sound saying a word that could get me at least 22 points in Scrabble...

By Nina Thomas

For most of my life, I have obsessed and worried over what people thought of me. I have so desperately wanted to fit this mold of society...

By Laura Abrams

In InterVarsity, we have a central belief that the scriptures in the Bible are God’s Word—and these words speak to us.


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