Spiritual Formation

By Adam Jeske
I’m kind of an apostle. That is, I have been sent places. Since I graduated from college 11 ½ years ago, I’ve lived in 17 homes for at least a month (and others for a couple of weeks). That’s a lot of moving.
By Kent Annan
It had been almost twenty years since I last attended Urbana, as a student. I returned as my first book, "Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle"was being published.
By Abi Christian

Fact: Books are the best presents to give (barring, of course, all those other fabulous but intangible gifts of love, time, grace, and hugs). For one reason, books are easy to wrap – no more of those awkward corners and creative cover-ups. For another, they’re a gift you can borrow.

By Patrick Langan

Something is wrong with our churches today. We are failing to care for our youth as they transition into their college years.

By Abi Christian
There’s always the usual things that spark our immediate gratitude on Thanksgiving—second helpings of pumpkin pie, non-stop football on TV, outrageously great sales, and the necessary break from school before the onslaught of finals.
By Abi Christian

Friday, October 21, was World Student Day, an annual event where thousands of students in the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students celebrated the work of God in their lives and prayed for one another and their campuses.

By Patrick Langan

I have always thought of gardening as a relatively easy venture: till up the ground, plant some seeds, add water, remove weeds, and wait.

By Jessica Fick

When I started college, I made a study plan to ace my classes and connected with an InterVarsity chapter to grow spiritually. However as I sat in a “freshman success” seminar listening to the presenter explain the importance of caring for mind, bodies, and souls during college, I realized that I wasn’t quite clear on how to plan for making healthy choices on campus.

By Scott Bessenecker

The USA Today reported recently on the rise of young men and women who are attempting to live a life of simplicity and faith, often serving quietly on the margins of society.


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