Your Place in the Church

By Steve Tamayo

How do the things we learn on campus shape the way we participate in our churches?

By Paula Frances Price

Living in the South means that March and April bring 70-degree weather, flowering plants, and an abundance of new life! Spring’s new life reminds me of God’s kingdom, which is always growing.

By Lisa Liou

Imagine if we celebrated 50th anniversaries for church membership the way we celebrate wedding anniversaries. 

By Adam Jeske
Hope can be empty and fruitless. Do you have reason to have hope for the Church? We bicker and fight and split. We divorce and cheat like everyone else. We are often hateful. We fail to live out the high ideals we claim as our own.
By Gordon Govier

October is one of the best times to make a campus visit if you’re a high school senior, as you start to get serious about your college choices.

By Adam Jeske

When I arrived on campus for the first time, I had a few places for connecting with Christians: a Lutheran church that a pastor mentioned to me and two campus ministries a friend told me about.


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