InterVarsity believes that getting off campus for special experiences like retreats, leadership training camps, and Global and Urban Programs are critical for students.

Chapter Camp is often a crucial transition for InterVarsity students. It's not unusual to hear alumni reflect back and say it was at a camp experience of some type where their faith matured in a significant way. It's a sign post in the journey of their life; they can look back and see it.

Every summer students from campuses across the country meet for an intensive month of leadership development at Cedar Campus, called the School of Leadership Training. While most students leave the school well-prepared to lead their campus chapters, a remarkable number of them also leave with extraordinary stories of personal transformation.

More than a hundred adults and children from eighteen states (coast to coast and border to border) and Canada gathered in June at Cedar Campus to praise the Lord in song.

Some people see "scholar" and "committed Christian" as an impossible combination. But InterVarsity faculty members know the two can go together—and they encourage students and colleagues to flourish spiritually as well as academically.

A wildfire last week that destroyed more than 4,000 acres of dry brush on California's Santa Catalina island threatened Campus by the Sea, which has been a vital InterVarsity training center for much of the past half century. The raging flames got as close as the ridge-top overlooking the camp on Thursday evening, May 10, just hours after the camp was evacuated.


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