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The faith disconnect that occurs when Christian high school students make the transition to college or career has been estimated at 70 percent. The faith dropout rate is a challenge to InterVarsity and other campus ministries. Responding directly to the challenge is a new coalition called the Youth Transition Network.

InterVarsity staff and students continue to shine the light of the gospel on the campus of Virginia Tech, praying for each other and for other students and staff.

Tammy came on staff to see God change students' lives, but God has also worked changes in her life

Taylor Bodoh is the InterVarsity staff member on the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee

Niche ministry fits in well with a sport that permeates the southern California culture

Valentines Day is an important day on campus, because college students are interested in love and relationships

A student finds relief through forgiveness, following a message at a large group meeting at Columbia University

Students are learning what it means to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives

"Dr. Clarke has modeled leadership, faithfulness, courage, and compassion for many years in this chapter. As a volunteer she has done what full-time staff were not able to do."


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