InterVarsity alumni

Early next year, Chrissie Otero will go to Mexico City, working with Servant Partners to plant churches among people in the inner city. Six years ago as a freshman at the University of Nevada—Reno, Chrissie had other plans for her future. God used InterVarsity to transform her life.

Ed and Karen Moy, friends of InterVarsity, have a passion to see Christians live out their faith in the work place. These two have found a ministry sharing this vision of life with InterVarsity students.

Jim Womack was a founder of the InterVarsity chapter at the University of Tennessee—Knoxville. He and his wife Charlotte have been faithful in their support of student ministry for the past sixty years, but they are humble about their work.

Gary is the founder and president of International Justice Mission, an international human rights ministry that rescues victims of slavery, particularly those oppressed by human trafficking and sexual exploitation. IJM specializes in freeing children and women from the sex slave trade by bringing pedophiles and traffickers to justice.

Gene Yang, an InterVarsity alumnus from the University of California—Berkeley, is the son of Chinese immigrants. The graphic novel he wrote based on the experience of living in two cultures, American Born Chinese, has been nominated for the National Book Award.

A short time after his father's death, Joe was sitting on the water's edge in front of his parent's home, and as he says, "I gave myself an evangelistic sermon, complete with an altar call. I responded to that altar call, making Jesus my Lord and Savior."


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