By Lisa Rieck

This is the question I’ve been asking over and over again for the past year or so. 

The First Amendment covers all religious individuals and campus organizations.

By Tish Harrison Warren

For the time being, I’m ignoring the toys and socks strewn across my living room to sit on my couch and drink tea. 

By Adam Jeske

I’ve lived in the U.S., Nicaragua, China, and South Africa. I’ve spent time with the Church in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Poland, Thailand, and Kenya. 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was officially incorporated on November 14, 1941.

InterVarsity president Tom Lin sent this post-election reflection to all InterVarsity staff.

Moy Mendez is using both his business experience and seminary training working for InterVarsity.

By Drew Larson

Oh, elections. They do bring out our rhetorical best, don’t they? Surely you’ve heard (or maybe thought) this recently: “Well, if Candidate X wins this election, I’m moving to Canada!” 

By Stephanie Jiménez

I have watched the movie Selena many, many times.

Campus minister Colleen Caskey is inducted into the University of Delaware Athletics Hall of Fame.