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Montana is not Alaska or Texas, but it's still a pretty big state. A 3,290-mile road trip is not long enough to visit every campus in the state although it’s a good start.

InterVarsity Press
In this prophetic blend of history, theology, and cultural commentary, Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah reveal the damaging effects of the "Doctrine of Discovery," which institutionalized American triumphalism and white supremacy. They call our churches and our nation to a truth-telling that exposes past injustices and opens the door to honest conciliation and true community.
Life can be hard, faith can wane, and distractions abound. How can you persevere? Trillia Newbell, a speaker, writer, and leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, grounds real hope in Jesus, shares theological insights, and introduces practical disciplines to help you find grace and strength for lasting faith. "The best book on endurance I have ever read," says pastor Paul David Tripp.