Witness to and through Jesus' Power

Getting Started
When was a time you asked for something, but got something better in return?

  1. Have someone (or a few people) read Acts 3:1–26 aloud. How does Luke describe the condition and situation of the beggar in verse 2?
  2. Recount the actions of Peter in verses 3–7. What details does Luke give in verses 7–9 to let us know that this is a miracle?
  3. What was the reaction of the crowd in verses 10–11 ? What possible misunderstanding of the miracle on the crowd’s part did Peter anticipate in verse 12?
  4. From verse 12 to the end of the chapter, Peter speaks to the crowd about Jesus. Looking at verses 13–15, contrast the titles Peter uses to designate Jesus with the horrendous ways the people treated him. What “excuse” do they have [verse 17]?
  5. In verses 19–23, what does Peter say is a proper response to Jesus Christ? What are the benefits? What is the consequence if they do not respond positively?
  6. While scanning through Peter’s entire speech, pick out the promises that God had made through his servants. How has Jesus already fulfilled those promises? How is he fulfilling them presently? How will he fulfill them in the future? [Note: Verse 25 says that through the descendants of Abraham “all the nations of the earth will be blessed.” The offspring of Abraham who were to be the instruments of this blessing were the Jewish people originally (verse 25), Jesus Christ ultimately, and believers in Jesus now (Galatians 3:29).]

In Closing
Peter and John certainly brought a “blessing” to this lame man, and a “blessing” of the Good News to those who heard their message. How can you be an instrument of God’s blessing to your campus this week? To the world?

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