Luke & Acts

An InterVarsity Study Series for Small Groups. Created for Urbana® 96.

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Part 1: Luke 1-9 by Bob Grahmann
Part 2: Luke 10-24 by Various InterVarsity Staff
Part 3: Acts by Various InterVarsity Staff

Part 1: Luke 1-9
Leader's notes and all ten studies in one file.

The individual studies:

Luke: the Investigative Witness, Luke 1:1-4
Gabriel: the Heavenly Witness, Luke 1:26-38
Angels and Shepherds: Joyful Witnesses, Luke 2:1-20
Simeon & Anna: Patient, Faithful Witnesses, Luke 2:22-40
John the Baptist: the Fiery Witness, Luke 3:1-20
The Witness of Scripture, Luke 4:16-30
Simon Peter: a Humbled Witness, Luke 5:1-11
The Roman Centurion: a Gentile Witness, Luke 7:1-10
The Forgiven Woman: a Loving Witness, Luke 7:36-50
The Witness of Peter & the Disciples, Luke 9:18-27

Part 2: Luke 10-24
Leader's notes and all ten studies in one file.

The individual studies:

The Seventy: Witnesses on a Mission, Luke 10:1-24
Authentic and Hypocritical Witnesses, Luke 11:53-12:11
The Prodigal Son: Witness as Story, Luke 15:1-2, 11-32
The Blind Man: A Grateful Witness, Luke 18:35-43
Zacchaeus: A Transformed Witness, Luke 19:1-10
Peter's Denial: A Negative Witness, Luke 22:54-62
The Penitent Thief: A Positive Witness, Luke 23:39-43
Witnesses to the Resurrection, Luke 24:1-12
Witnesses Whose Eyes Were Opened, Luke 24:13-35
Jesus Prepares His Witnesses, Luke 24:36-53

Part 3: Acts
Leader's notes and all ten studies in one file.

The individual studies:

Called to be Witnesses, Acts 1:1-11
Witness to and through Jesus' Power, Acts 3:1-26
The Witness of Life Together, Acts 4:23-37
Stephen's Witness and Death, Acts 6:1-8:4
Witness to the Power to Convert and Transform, Acts 9:1-22
Sent to be Truth-Speaking Witnesses, Acts 13:1-12
Witness in Macedonia: the Philippian Jailer, Acts 16:16-34
Witness to the Unknown God: Paul in Athens, Acts 17:16-34
Witness before Kings and Rulers, Acts 25:23-27; 26:1-32
Witnessing to the Ends of the Earth: Rome, Acts 28:17-31

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