Witnesses Whose Eyes Were Opened

Getting Started
Try to think of a time when you were struggling to understand something and, suddenly, the “lights came on” and everything became perfectly clear. What happened to make the difference?

In this study we will look at two disciples who go from confusion to insight in their thinking about Jesus. Have a few people read Luke 24:13-35 or assign parts (narrator; Cleopas and the other disciple; Jesus; the eleven and their companions).

1. Place yourself in the scene of verses 13-24. What are these travelers doing, thinking and feeling? Why does Jesus ask the two what they are discussing (verse 17) and “what things” had been going on lately (verse 19)?

2. How would you evaluate the response of Cleopas and the other disciple? What do you think of their “gospel”?

3. Look again at verses 25-27. Is Jesus being hard on the disciples? Why or why not? What is he especially concerned about? Why do you think it was “necessary” for the Messiah to “suffer these things and then enter into his glory”? (Note: “His glory” refers to his resurrection and ascension to the Father’s right hand.)

4. Jesus referred to passages throughout all the Scriptures that were about him. What are some of these passages that he might have referred to? (Note: There are many such passages; you might want to read some verses such as Genesis 3:15; Numbers 21:6-9 [with John 3:14-15]; Deuteronomy 18:15; Psalms 22; 16:8-11; 118:22-23; Isaiah 11:1-7; 53:1-6; 61:1 [with Luke 4:18-22]; Daniel 7:13-14 [with Matthew 26:64].)

5. In the final verses, how do the disciples come to recognize Jesus? What part did the Scriptures play in their coming to recognize him (verses 27 and 32)?

6. What do you think it means that their hearts “burned within them” when Jesus opened the Scriptures to them (verse 32)? Have you ever experienced this as you engaged the Scriptures?

7. What do the disciples finally come to understand? How do they respond? How have they become witnesses?

In Closing
As you reflect on this passage, what do you see about how Jesus helped two confused people come to see the truth about his resurrection and become witnesses to it? What principles can you use when you speak about Jesus? What difference can the reality of Jesus’ resurrection make to you each day?



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