1. Stay in your dorm room as much as possible to ensure few people even know you exist.
  2. Refuse every invitation to get to know others. Do so as rudely as possible.
  3. During the first week of classes, approach every organization on campus to let them know how useless you think they are.

Now that that’s out of the way…

We at InterVarsity believe that finding close friends and community is one of the most important parts of college. Through quality friendships, you’ll learn more than you could on your own, you’ll gain new perspectives, and your walk with Jesus will grow. And if you just avoid the “tips” above, we don’t think you’ll have too much trouble.

So without further ado, here are some real tips for making friends in college:

By X. Nader Sahyouni

Anxiety drove me into the arms of Jesus. And over the years, I began to see patterns of how some ways of prayer mirror psychotherapy techniques that help reduce anxiety. Going further and studying spiritual formation, I was exposed to even more ways to pray in ways that are helpful. I was intrigued that the little bit of neuroscience that had informed my early graduate work helped me make sense of new discoveries about the brain and how it’s shaped by anxiety and reshaped by various forms of prayer.

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

Connect with God, community, nature, and yourself at chapter camp. It's an experience you don't want to miss! 

By Ashlye Vanderworp

Getting involved in organizations in college can be overwhelming. Here are four tips for choosing and getting the most out of the clubs you join in college. 

By Tom Lin

How do you equip an un-churched generation that struggles with mental health into Christian leadership? 

By Drew Larson

Behind Good Friday’s violence lies something more startling and, in some ways, even closer to our daily experience: Good Friday’s boredom. 

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

It's necessary that we as Gen Z know what we bring to the table and celebrate the unique quirks and characteristics that God has given us.


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