Adam Salloum

I spend a good deal of my energy avoiding disappointment or distracting myself from it (cue subtle nod to Netflix, Instagram, etc.). We live an age of cynicism, and the world is not friendly to dreamers and idealists. We may all love Ted Lasso, but we know that type of hope is reserved for sitcoms. And yet, hope is supposed to be a distinctive marker of followers of Jesus. How is this possible in the terrifying world we find ourselves?

We humans are narrative creatures. We try to make sense of people and events by plugging them into some cohesive story. But we’re not just content to know the story of the past or present. We have an insatiable desire to know the end of the story.

By Grace Hoover

It’s impossible to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month without honoring our elders by receiving their stories and stoking fires of hope and tenacity for our children to encourage them for a life worthy of this calling.

By Scott Bessenecker

COVID, a lack of in-person relationships, the ongoing realities of racism, patriarchy, income disparity, and climate change — the world can feel like a dumpster fire. Scary to watch from a distance but devastating when you’re standing in the middle of it.

By Rick Mattson

So just what is the Bible? Where did it come from?


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