Beyond Campus

By Helen Troutman

I am not a leader. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The problem is, no one but me seems to believe it. Ever since my staff worker encouraged me to fill out that leadership application at the end of my freshman year, I have been surrounded by people who are constantly calling me to lead stuff.

By Lisa Rieck

I was feeling a little stuck. You’ve been a Christian your whole life, I told myself in a mini pep talk. You should know how to have a meaningful quiet time, a deep prayer life, a correct perception of God. But the truth was, the practices that had been helpful in the past no longer were.

By Lisa Rieck

Although I had a great college experience overall, I do have a few regrets. One is that I didn’t study abroad. (In my defense, I was supposed to spend a J-Term in Israel, but the trip got cancelled due to safety concerns. So I spent J-Term in . . .

By Anonymous

Dear 2012 Alumni, You’re on a journey that nobody can truly prepare you for. Maybe you participated in the graduating senior small group study Following Jesus in the Real World by Richard Lamb or maybe you attended the conference with workshops for graduating seniors.

By Adam Jeske

God knows you, loves you a lot, and wants to lead you. You should ask God where to go and then go.

By Tammy Eckhart

Studying abroad can feel like a vacation – a break from real school (at your home university) and real life. But there’s so much more to studying abroad if you’ll let Jesus guide you and be willing to learn from him.

By Sarah Kirk

Moving half-way across the country brings more than just geographical changes.


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