Community and Relationships

By Katelin Hansen

Making friends in a large new community can be a daunting task for incoming college freshmen. 

By Brittany Small

Since I graduated from college three years ago, I’ve been a bridesmaid four times, kept two wedding guest books, and read Scripture in seven different ceremonies, and that’s just the list of weddings I’ve participated in.

By David Hui
Twentyonehundred Production’s associate producer David Hui offers a personal, powerful glimpse of growing up without a father, becoming a father, and learning to rest in the love of his true Father.
By Sandi Asker

Becoming a full-time mom after my second child was born was not my best season of life. I missed my work as an InterVarsity campus staff worker—a job I loved deeply.

By Keith Sun

As we go deeper in following Jesus, we all at some point enter into a heart-wrenching wrestling match with God in which we repeatedly ask whether he’s truly out for our best interest.

By Matt Meyer

The summer after my freshman year of college messed up my life. I had it all planned out. My first year of college had been amazing. I’d made a ton of new friends whom I loved spending time with and I had started dating a girl early in the year. 


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