Community and Relationships

By Andy Kim

What would it look like if, every day, in every conversation, in every social media interaction, followers of Jesus lived out Philippians 2:3-4 in the ways we listened to others?

By Drew Larson

If you’re at all like me—and if you are, you don’t want to talk about how hard the table games at Cracker Barrel really are—you probably have some questions about finding a mentor.

By Christine Twedt

One way to ensure that there is good momentum in a conversation is to ask questions that help the other person reveal more about who they are and what they value.

By Christine Twedt

When Christ-followers learn the art of good conversation, people will feel valued, which may give them a more positive perception of Christians. This can only help to increase the effectiveness of our ministry, allowing more people the opportunity to know Jesus.

By Lisa Liou

On the surface, I go to church because I should, because I said I would, and because I want to model church attendance to my kids. But, if I can step outside my negativity and sense of drudgery about it, I remember that I go because I’m part of a family.

By Casey Beckley

In my more than 13 years with InterVarsity, I’ve walked with dozens of guys through their addiction. 


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