Spiritual Formation

By Marissa Newman

I heard the news about Newtown at 1 p.m. last Friday. I was in the middle of training a coworker on some website updates, and both of us just froze, in utter shock.

By Phil Bowling-Dyer

I lost both of my parents in September. I’m mourning deeply, of course, but I also find a deep gratitude welling up for the many gifts they gave me.

By Lisa Rieck

You might be missing out. No, we're not talking about the iPhone 5. It's something that will serve you much longer and enrich your life in much more powerful ways (yes, that really is possible).

By Adam and Christine Jeske

Three weeks ago, I asked several hundred college students a question: What is your biggest obstacle today to giving your whole life for God’s global mission?

By Adam Jeske

You will have a lot of fun. You will experience amazing multicultural worship with 17,999 other people. You will connect with some of the 250 exhibiting seminaries and mission organizations.

By Lisa Rieck

​As followers of Jesus, voting, while important, isn't the last act, or the only way to participate. We're called to a broader, even more powerful, ongoing action with regard to our national leaders: we're called to pray.

By Jamie Veeder and Megan Greeley

In a recent Christianity Today article, Tim Safford writes "miracles are so unusual that we stop in wonder. By their rarity, their unusual character they grab our attention . . . [miracles are] a sign that Jesus . . . is on the move in an unusual way: his kingdom, long promised, is breaking in."

By Greg Chimitris

Money can be a confusing topic for us Christians. There are a lot of competing ideas out there about how we should use it. Conversations about it make us tense and uncomfortable.

By Chris Nielson

How often do we view our citizenship as a gift that we’ve been given to steward?

By Amy Hauptman

"It is not enough for freedom to be won. It must also be sustained. Cultural observer Os Guinness argues that the American experiment in freedom is at risk....He calls us to reconsider the audacity of sustainable freedom and what it would take to restore it.” 


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