Spiritual Formation

By Lisa Rieck

One month ago today, 16,000 of us were pondering Calisto Odede’s insight into Luke, lunching at local St. Louis restaurants, talking to leaders from hundreds of missions organizations, and . . .

By Jessica Fick

One month ago today, as I stood on the Dome floor at Urbana 12 and filled the orange World Vision bag with bars of soap, latex gloves, washcloths, and anti-bacterial cream, I thought about my sister-in-law Rachel.

By Kurt Bullis

I have two daughters. One is four years old, and the other will be two in March. Most nights, at least one of them will wake up needing a bottle or a diaper-change or comfort from a bad dream. And rare is the day when my wife and I get to sleep in past 6:00 a.m.

By Kasey Kimball

Why is this day different from other days? Why is it that on all other days I set an alarm, but on this day I sleep in and take an afternoon nap?

By Matt Sally

“Practicing spiritual disciplines is life altering,” said Stephen Smith, InterVarsity alumnus and InterVarsity Press author.

By You who tweet

We’ve gathered some of the top tweets (12 of them, as a matter of fact) from Urbana 12 to remind us all of what God started one week ago—and to keep pointing us forward to what he wants to do through us.

By Christine Jeske

Poor is such a confusing word. We normally think of poverty as a bad thing, the kind of thing that shows up in shock-value statistics like 43 percent of people in the world live on less than $2 a day, or poverty causes the deaths of 22,000 children a day.

By Marissa Newman

I heard the news about Newtown at 1 p.m. last Friday. I was in the middle of training a coworker on some website updates, and both of us just froze, in utter shock.

By Phil Bowling-Dyer

I lost both of my parents in September. I’m mourning deeply, of course, but I also find a deep gratitude welling up for the many gifts they gave me.

By Lisa Rieck

You might be missing out. No, we're not talking about the iPhone 5. It's something that will serve you much longer and enrich your life in much more powerful ways (yes, that really is possible).


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