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“Non-students are no longer allowed on campus.”

They were the words no campus minister ever wants to hear. And April Foat, ministering at Carroll University in Wisconsin, and Alex Holle, serving at both Carroll and Carthage College, found out about this new policy just before the start of the spring semester.

Together with their student leaders, April and Alex had to scramble to rethink their ministry plans. Alex shared that they had already been thinking of having more student-centered large groups. But to have to shift chapter events to be completely student-led wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

Still trusting in God’s timing and plan, student leaders worked hard creating welcoming spaces for other students to let them know that they weren’t alone on campus. Alex did as much as he could to help behind the scenes and watched the events online—all the while succumbing to a serious case of FOMO.

By Scott Bessenecker

Should pay be the only factor in the summer job you choose? What’s God’s perspective? Is there anything in the Bible that can guide what kind of job we pursue?

By Stephan Teng

Perseverance can feel like a dental visit; you don’t want it but know it’s good for you. And now, with the pandemic officially more than a year in, it feels like we’re being asked to endure still a little more.

The InterVarsity Alumni Association is thrilled to name Kat an Alumni Hero. Her dedication and commitment to students is so inspiring!

By Carrie Carey

Though I was strongly against attending my local community college, I’ve actually ended up being called to that exact campus to plant an InterVarsity chapter. (Jesus can be funny like that.) And while there are definitely challenges, the truth is I love ministering here!

By Nathan Peterson

As we remember our Lord and Savior’s sacrifice this Easter, take some time to reflect on these passages and questions. Pray for fresh eyes and an ability to place yourself within each passage. Read them more than once to fully soak them in. And may the Holy Spirit fill us all with a renewed sense of wonder and delight as we celebrate the empty tomb!

By Chandra Crane

I know we can’t peg Jesus’ personality type (although die-hard Enneagram or Myers-Briggs types might try!), but I do think his example offers comfort and encouragement to us introverted folks.

By Alexis Barnhart

“Who am I to lead?” I’ve asked myself that many times. Maybe you have too, as a new Christian. As if our story is separate from the Church, and we don’t belong.


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