Job Description for Emcee (Sample)

The emcee provides up-front leadership during large group meetings of the chapter.

Personal Qualifications

A. Is a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ – thoroughly committed and practicing basic disciplines which stimulate growth in Christ.
B. Demonstrates communication skills necessary to effectively lead a large group meeting.
C. A willing servant, able to accept the goals and plans which are chosen for the meetings and faithfully carry out those plans.
D. Projects enthusiasm, confidence, spiritual sensitivity, pleasant appearance, skill with words, ability to think on his/her feet.
E. Committed to vision of InterVarsity and the purposes and goals of the chapter.

Service Responsibilities

A. Serves as member of the large group team.
B. Invests time to understand the goals, plans and theme for each meeting. Understands the order of the meeting and what role each person plays.
C. Talks with each person ahead of time who will participate in a meeting; controls the flow and timing of the meetings, provides transitions.
D. Begins the meeting with a clear statement of welcome and purpose for the meeting. Sets the tone.
E. Keeps in touch with the group during the meeting (notes how they are responding and makes adjustments as necessary)
F. Introduces the participants of the meeting, particularly the main speaker.
G. Does not attract attention to himself/herself but instead directs attention to the Lord Jesus, to the content of the meeting and to others.

* If you’re having difficulty finding an emcee, consider using a staff member, faculty or community person who can be a model for the first six weeks until a student can be trained as Emcee.