Publicity has three target groups:

1. Regular members who need reminders and encouragement to attend the large group meeting.

2. Christian students who are looking for Christian fellowship.

3. Non-Christian students (sometimes called “seekers”) who are interested in finding out more about Christian faith.

In addition, your chapter publicity serves as a reminder to the faculty, administration, and general student body that there is a Christian fellowship that meets on this campus.


1. Display Cases and Club Bulletin Boards. Some of these may need to be rented.

2. Information Booth or Table. Set up an attention-getting table display in a heavy traffic area to distribute literature. Have a sign-up for interested people.

3. Official College Bulletin. Is there a daily or weekly bulletin? Newspaper? Is there a listing of events? TV monitors or electronic boards? Find out how to get your meetings included in the listings.


4. Printed Publicity:



Posters Siklscreened T-shirts
Flyer and handbills (to canvas the campus) Buttons
Table tent cards in cafeteria, lounges Calendars
Brochures, pamphlets Printed balloons
Large billboard Post cards, letters (mailboxes)
Banners (tied between trees or posts) Newspaper ads
Sandwich boards Business cards (with chapter information)

Note: Allow plenty of time for layout, graphics, printing, and distribution. Check on graphic arts or printing services provided by your college.

5. The Media (Newspaper, Radio, TV)

a. Check into the campus newspaper for free ads, announcements, news and feature articles, letters to the editor.
b. Check into the campus radio or TV station for spot announcements, interviews, or news coverage at an event.
c. For well-known speakers and major events make use of community newspapers, radio, and TV. Carefully written Press Releases and Public Service Announcements can be useful for broader coverage.

6. Classroom Announcements. Request permission to make an announcement before or after class, or use the chalkboard.

7. Local Churches. Send information about meetings to area churches to use in church bulletins or literature tables, especially churches with a high number of college students attending.