Selecting Speakers

1. Qualifications for speakers

a. Able to subscribe to InterVarsity statement of faith and purpose.

b. Displays spiritual maturity.

c. Understands the student world.

d. Able to communicate to students in a large group context (not all faculty or pastors will necessarily communicate effectively in the context of a chapter meeting).

e. Has a thorough knowledge of the subject to be addressed (including a Biblical perspective on the subject).


2. Speaker Resources

a. Keep a Speakers Resource File to benefit present and future student leaders. Include name, address, phone, area of expertise, and evaluative comments. Each time you use a speaker add their name to the file.

b. InterVarsity local staff member.

c. Other area InterVarsity staff.

d. Students whose experience and training may give them special qualifications to address a particular subject.

e. Christian faculty members and graduate students at your college.

f. Christian faculty from nearby Christian colleges and seminaries.

g. Local pastors and missionaries.

h. InterVarsity alumni or other Christian business/professionals in the community. (Check with the Christian Businessmen’s Club (CBMC) or Christian Women’s Club (CWC) as well as other Christian Professional Societies, i.e. Christian Legal Society, Christian Medical Society, etc.).

i. Be alert to visiting speakers touring the area.

j. Develop a speaker’s tour in conjunction with other InterVarsity chapters in the area. Perhaps you can bring a well-known speaker to the area to itinerate for a week and share the costs.