Take a Look at Your Campus

As you begin to develop your plans for large group meetings, it’s wise to take a look around you at your campus. Here are some questions to get you started. Consider your campus and add in questions which would be important for you to answer.

Who is on campus and where do they live?

________ Total number of students

________ # of undergraduate students

________ # of graduate students

________ # of commuters

________ # of part-time students

________ # of international students

________ # of ethnic students (what ethnic cultures are represented?)

________ # of students living in apartments

________ # of students living in dorms

________ # of students living at home

________ # of students living in fraternities_________in sororities

What is the campus community like?












  1. Describe your campus by living areas, what does each feel like?
  2. What ideas/persons/groups influence the attitudes and activities of students?
  3. What groups are most prominent on campus?
  4. What do students do with their free time? How does it change from freshman through senior years?
  5. What is the attitude of non-Christians toward Christians? Toward InterVarsity?
  6. What issues are “live”? What needs do students talk about?