Value of Large Group Meetings

The value of large group meetings is the unique role they have in helping you develop a Christian community, which can engage the campus with the gospel and develop disciples of Jesus Christ. Many goals of your chapter can be accomplished effectively through large group meetings. They are most valuable when you use them to accomplish goals which most naturally fit with being together as a larger group.

Take a minute to think about your chapter’s goals. How might your large group meetings help you reach your chapter goals? Or said in another way, which of your goals could be worked on in a large group meeting? Make a list of those goals and then discuss them as a leadership team. As you develop an understanding of the role and value of large groups in chapter life you’ll be better prepared to make good use of them.

Here’s a short list of goals that can be effectively accomplished through large groups.

Large group meetings are key in the development of a group identity and common vision.

Growth as individuals and as a group in your love for God can be nurtured through expositional Bible teaching and gifted speakers.

Worshiping together gives you a shared experience of the greatness of God and renewal of your spirits.

Meeting together at a regular time in a publicized location gives you visibility. With a welcoming atmosphere, your large group meetings can be a place to invite seekers, host evangelistic meetings, or help those who are sorting through what it means to be a Christian. In short, your large group meeting can give witness to the campus, through your love for one another, of Jesus’ reality.

During your large group meetings, you’re reminded you’re not the only Christian on campus and your faith can be encouraged by hearing what God is doing in and through other students.

As you meet in a large group, midst all the fun of seeing people you like, you can find out about important events and training opportunities. Large group meetings can help you communicate with one another (so long as you remember that doesn’t mean endless announcements!).

Best of all, they can bea chance to meet with God, learn from him, and be equipped for his service.