Job Description for Large Group Coordinator (Sample)

The Large Group Coordinator facilitates quality, Christ-centered meetings. This person oversees the planning, strategy, execution, and evaluation of large group meetings.

Personal Qualifications

A. Is a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ – thoroughly committed and practicing basic disciplines which stimulate growth in Christ.

B. Demonstrates organizational and administrative skills necessary to plan and delegate large group functions.

C. Committed to the vision of InterVarsity and the goals of the chapter.

Service Responsibilities

A. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee, and is a liaison with any large group meeting team.


B. Prays for the large group meetings and encourages others to pray for the large group meetings.



C. Ensures that the large group meetings help the chapter reach its goals and the vision of InterVarsity.



D. Forms and leads a team which helps plan and conduct large group meetings.


Specifics include:

1. Developing plans for large group meetings, including not just topics but the involvement of people with the talents to emcee, lead in worship, assist with music, follow-up with newcomers, etc.
2. Establishing a speaker resource file, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and areas of expertise.
3. Reserving appropriate facilities and equipment for meetings.
4. Arranging for qualified musicians and music for meeting.
5. Corresponding with speakers and other guest (invitations and thank you letters).
6. Providing publicity and promotion directed to campus and chapter members.
7. Arranging for back-up programs for emergency situations.
8. Providing for welcoming and follow-up of newcomers.
9. Conducting regular evaluation of large group meetings.